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Casino Guide

We bring you an additional guide to discuss the South African operators have and invite you to think out of the box for what we are about to tell you.

When it comes to the games out there, take note that firstly you are playing in European casinos, all the specifics will not note rand symbols or have native currency indicators, they will however still pay out in the Zar currency. For many casino games may be a new thing, it’s worth playing demo games first to experience the options. Many casino provide this as an options, when you highlight a game it comes with real play or demo. It’s not common but they are about.

The other alternative is to play demos like on our site. Same games just not linked to any casino specifically or cash out.

Learn more about the games by watching them in action rather than risk a gamble and lose your money

There is a third option and this is to watch live streams of casino games. We have linked and article on this here. The concept is simple, you have streamers that play games online and in live format, they play and you watch. We selected on channel that plays with real money and their link is within the said article. So you can watch, learn and make your own judgement.

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